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The following is an introduction to the home inspection process in Texas and how Needham Property Inspections works for the client.


All Real Estate Inspectors are licensed by TREC in transactions related to the purchase or sale of real estate property. There are individuals who do not have active licenses who are continuing to provide services illegally. Feel free to look my license up or verify your inspector has an active license on the TREC website with their name, business name, or TREC License number. The above links will take you there. Be sure to select “Inspector” in the “License Type” pull down menu.   



  1. Verify the inspector’s credentials explained and linked above.

  2. Inspector will need these pieces of information:

    • Your Name, Phone number, email address.

      • Optional Buyer’s Agent name and contact information.

    • If the home is occupied or vacant if you have that information.

    • If the home has outbuildings, a pool, sprinkler system, and/or septic system that you want them to inspect, usually at an additional cost.

  3. Needham Property Inspections as most inspectors will have a pre-inspection agreement for you to read and sign. Most insurance companies require an inspector to submit their pre-inspection agreement before providing coverage.

  4. Invoicing and payment typically happen prior to inspection. TREC mandates that you receive the report within 48 hours of inspection completion once payment has been received.

  5. Inspector will schedule the inspection.

  6. Inspector will inspect the property.

  7. Report review, usually accomplished, on site after the inspection is complete. If you are not able to attend an onsite review, accommodations usually can be made to cover the report with you. I will call you when I am close to finishing.

  8. Inspector will deliver the report typically in electronic form.

  9. You will need to read the report in its entirety and to fully understand the inspector’s opinion.

  10. Once you have read the report, use your inspector to answer technical questions about the report and your agent to answer questions in regards to the report and the buying process.



TREC's website notes that a real estate inspection is a visual inspection. All inspectors are required to provide a minimum standard inspection according to TREC’s Standards of Practice (SOP). All inspectors are required to use a TREC mandated form. The difference between inspectors is how they word the inspection as it is their opinion. Some inspectors may use methods or inspect an item or component that goes above and beyond the minimum standards required by TREC. Needham Property Inspecions use a thermal imaging camera to look at the water temperature, review the temperature of the heating and cooling produced by the HVAC system, check electric stoves on low to verify they work, and to review the electrical panel. I also include pictures which helps show the narrative I am documenting. Another difference is how the inspector works, whether it is to time or as I do to completion. I let the deficiencies drive the inspection and not let time drive the inspection.

Some things are visual such as looking at walls, ceilings, and floors. There are other things which are a little more detailed such as checking electrical 110v recepticles to verify with a tester they are functioning and wired correctly and we do open the breaker panel if the front has a clear space for working and the panel appears in good condition. The same applies to windows we do check to see that they are operational, if they are not blocked by furniture or personal belongings, but also looking to see if there are components which are broken. This is just a few of the systems and components we review.


Here is a link to the blank form required for all inspectors to use. Most inspectors have a software that allows them to utilize this form and add pictures and/or comments to the report. This sample report will identify all the systems we are required to visually inspect.

If you still have questions feel free to reach out to me as I am available by email, phone call or text message.

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