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Pricing varies by the square footage and age of the house. Please call or email us for a quote.

​Our inspection is accomplished according to the Texas Real Estate Commission Standards of Practice. We provide property inspections reports for clients who want information to help make decisions about the property which they are interested in purchasing.


Types of  Inspections

New Home, 11 Month Warranty, Pre-Listing or Purchasing of

Existing Home, Rental Property, Office/Commercial Office Space.

Infrared Thermal Imaging - Detect thermal anomalies caused by:


Water penetration/leaks


Air leaks in door, vents and other areas which may have moving

air due to seal failure and or lack appropriate/correct seal


Issues in walls and ceilings where insulation is not performing

as designed

Possible insect and/or vermin infestation

Items inspected include - HVAC Systems     Appliances     Attics    Ceilings     Doors     Ducts

Electrical Panel     Electrical Service Entrance     Fireplaces     Floors     Foundation     Grading within 10 feet of the foundation     Heating Systems    Plumbing     Roofs     Stairways       Walls     Windows

Discounts for those who serve.

Active Duty State and Federal Military, Veterans, First Responders, and Educators




This only applies to home owners. If I inspect the house you are selling and you use me to inspect the house you plan to purchase you are eligible to receive a $35.00 discount.

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